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liability risk!

Agencies need to act

The risk of liability when using illegal data protection pop-ups is constantly increasing for agencies.

This is also shown by the brand new wave of complaints against websites with illegal pop-ups by Max Schrems’ data protection initiative NOYB.

Anyone who uses illegal pop-ups as an expert because they are visually slimmer or bring a higher approval rate is liable! Exclusions of liability in general terms and conditions are also ineffective in this regard.


onboarding interview
with our CTO / CLO

Our technical department and a lawyer from ( § ) clarify all the steps to prepare for the conversion with your project management and programming team in a 30-minute video conference based on the websites to be converted.


support with the transition

In a second appointment, our technical team will accompany you for up to 2 hours via video conference during the conversion of the first websites. In this way, any questions that arise can be answered immediately.


Initial consultation on legal issues

Aside from our tools, do you have questions about the legally compliant design of customer websites, SaaS applications or apps? Book a free initial consultation with a lawyer from ( § )

The right time is NOW!

Book your appointment now for free changeover planning!

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